Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ethan Giorgetti


RH- Whats your full name?
EG- Ethan Paul Giorgetti sounds like spaghetti

RH-Where are you from?
EG-East Hampton CT

RH-How long have you been working at the shop?
EG-Since August

RH-How long have you been skating and filming?
EG-I've been skating for 9 years and filming for about 7years

RH- Wheres your favorite place to skate?
EG- I like Boston a lot but around here I like Bristol skatepark

RH-I hear you have a special connection with you cat?
EG-Yeah we party, His name is Cheese.

RH-I heard you will be having a movie premier this upcoming Friday night, can you tell me more?
EG-Its for a video I've been working on for two years.It's called "Get it Guurl"and It's at the Brick Ramp in Waterbury. It starts around 8pm. Everybody's psyched!!

RH-Who is in the video?
EG-All people from Connecticut Justin Koziol, Austin Kerish, Louis Amodio, and a ton of friends.

 RH- Whats your favorite childhood pastime please elaborate?

EG- Army Tag! It's a game of tag played on jungle gym sets where you can't touch the ground because it's lava!!

RH-Any last words Ethan?
EG- GET IT GUURL        Stunts!!!!

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