Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chris Petrillo

1. RH- Where are you from?
    CP-  Wallingford, CT

2. RH- How long have you been at the Edge?
    CP- At the end of the summer I'll be 4years old

3. RH- Who are your sponsors ?
    CP- Niche Snowboards, Gnarly Clothing, The Cutting Edge.

4. RH- Left or Right foot forward?
    CP- Left foot forward

5. RH-How long have you been on a snowboard?
    CP- 11 years

6. RH-What kind of board do you ride?
    CP- Niche Knew 149cm

7.RH- Is that your natural hair color?
   CP- Nah I get that colored every third Monday

8. RH-Favorite trick to do?
    CP- Back lips

9. RH-Where do you find yourself riding the most?
    CP- Killington

10. RH-Whats your favorite quote or saying?
      CP- "Watch it assblood" Stevie Janoski

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