Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Danny Tedesco

1. RH- Where have you been living?
    DT- North Hollywood California

2. RH-How long have you been snowboarding?
    DT- This is my eleventh season

3.  RH-Who do you ride for?
     DT-The Cutting Edge and The Collective

 4.    RH-Who or what got you into snowboarding?
        DT- My Uncle did, he brought me and my cousin to Mt Southington back in 8th grade

5. RH- Who is your favorite rider?
    DT- This is a hard one but Id have to say JP Solberg

6. RH- Have you ever wished upon a shooting star?
    DT- Yes, but I can't tell you what for because it won't come true.

QuickDraw Round!!

RH- Wallet or Money clip?
DT- Rubber Bands

RH- Taco Bell or KFC?

RH-Bowling or Golf?
DT- Golf!

RH- Freddy or Jason?
DT- Jason

RH- Mac or PC
DT- Mac

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