Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brian Peck

RH-How long have you been skating?

BP-This year marks 10 years of skating for me; a decade of shred!

RH-Where are you from?

BP-Connecticut born and raised: born in Hartford, spent my early years in Old Saybrook and grew up in West Hartford. 
RH-Who do you ride for? 

BP-Paris Truck Co, Comet Skateboards, Sector 9 wheels, Venom bushings, and now Cutting Edge skate shop

RH-If you were a fish what kind would you be?

BP-Whichever fish has the biggest mouth.

RH-What is your current setup that you are riding?

BP-For downhill I've been rocking an Ethos 40 by Comet on Paris V2 180's (purple Venom barrels) with whatever 70mm Sector 9 wheels I'm feeling at the time.

RH-What style of skating do you prefer?

BP-Cruising, carving, flowing, slashing and sliding. Going really fast only does it for me on certain hills these days.

RH-What has been your favorite place to ride?

BP-I've been thinking about this one for almost 10 minutes and it is way too tough to pick just one. Tie between Socal, Norcal, Vancouver, Albuquerque, and Hawaii.

RH-What was your wildest bail?

BP-Probably breaking my ankle. The bail itself wasn't anything wild, I pretty much just stepped off my board in a bowl and put all my weight into my foot at a bad angle... But it sucked to not walk for 3 months/not skate for 6.

Quick Draw Round!!!

Downhill or freeride? Skateboarding

Well done or rare? Never been done

Contest or soul skater? Soul skater brah, 
Team Pup-n-Suds

Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs

AM or PM? PM

Meat or vegetables? Fruit

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