Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sawyer Alix

RH- How old are you?

SA-Seventeen years old

RH- Where are you from?

SA- Southington, CT

RH- How long have you been at the shop?

SA- About four years

RH- What kind of bike are you riding this year?

SA- I'm riding a 2013 Santa Cruz V10 Carbon

RH- How long have you been racing downhill

SA- Four years

RH- Where will you be racing this year?

SA- Mountain Creek, Plattekill, Sugarbush, Killington, and Sunday River

RH- Where is your favorite place to ride?

SA- Highland mountain bike park

RH- How comfortable are you taking showers in gym class?

SA- Extremely lol

RH- I heard you were making some secret trails, how are they coming and where are they hidden?

SA- Good, and I told you before if I tell you where they are I'd have to kill you 

RH- Who are your sponsors?

SA- Santa Cruz bicycles, Troy Lee Designs, Fox Racing Shocks, Shimano, and Oakley

RH- If you could fill your refrigerator with one item what would it be?

SA- Assorted flavors of Dunkin Doughnuts coffee coolatas


Tubes or Tubeless- Tubes

Rocks or Ruts- Ruts

Bieber or Timberlake- Timberlake

Racing or Freeriding- Racing

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